Adios, objects.

Nephtali has gone through many transitions, and the most recent involves a complete refactoring of the code-base to make use of the new namespace features and functional programming enhancements ushered in by PHP 5.3.  So, those stuck in server environments without PHP >= 5.3 will not be able to install the most recent release of Nephtali.

Why the switch? ┬áBecause Nephtali could greatly benefit from the simplicity of a functional approach to the framework’s features. ┬áSimplified code (the core to Nephtali now fits within one file), simplified API, it’s simply beautiful.

Now that the code is refactored, I’ll be working on unit tests for the code-base (no I’m not a TDD guy), creating the new documentation, and reworking Nedit, the online code generator for Nephtali.

The functionally inspired Nephtali is here to stay, sorry OOP.