Did I say Nephtali 3.4 was next? Ummm…

Well, I believe I mis-spoke when I said in the previous post that Nepthali 3.4 was on the way. Now, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working hard on an update. In fact, I’ve put in a great deal of time on the next release of Nephtali.

However, the changes are so extreme that upgrading the minor version number was no longer a sufficient demarcation of the updates to the framework. Frankly, I toyed with the idea of changing the name of the framework and starting anew.

In spite of the significant changes, there are many commonalities that won me over in terms of keeping the Nephtali name, so I instead opted to number the next release of Nephtali 4.0. Nephtali 4.0 still uses pipes, views, optional regions, and data regions to handle data-binding and uses ports to validate incoming data (GET, POST, COOKIE, or FILE.) It still facilitates port validation, debugging, and retrieval of HTML fragments of particular pipes through a convenient REST-ful interface. The new extension to speed performance for Nephtali will still be included. And, much of the code “shape” for adding ports and pipes appears similar to previous versions.

The changes include a completely different approach to Nepthali’s architecture, a more extensible framework, and much faster performance. Unfortunately, it is now that I must also confess that ┬ámigrating to Nephtali 4 will require all existing code to be refactored (although many of the changes can be implemented with a simple set of text replacements.) Believe me, this refactoring requirement cuts me deeply, as I have vast amounts of Nephtali code to refactor. However, in spite of this pain, I’m very excited about the next version, and I hope that once you see the power and simplicity of the new approach, you’ll be excited, too.

I hope to have an Alpha release in the next two weeks.