Nephtali 3.3.2 Released: Streamlined Pure Pipe Registration and Many Enhancements/Fixes

Finally, Nephtali 3.3.2 is released. The biggest addition to this release are the new registration functions that greatly simplify working with pure pipes. That said, there are several other improvements, and I’ve made a quick list of them below:

  • Removed required_ports key from registor_action (vestige from days of old.)
  • Deprecated ‘is_valid’ flag in favor of ‘is_set’ flag for pure pipe signature checks.
  • Corrected omission of ‘error_message’ spelling check for ports in debug mode.
  • Fixed JSON-formatting bug for REST-ful port validation requests containing multiple errors.
  • Port ‘error_message’ option now properly overrides the default error messages generated for specific failures.
  • Started tradition of adding version number to the ncore root docblock to facilitate identification of the current version of Nephtali you’re using.
  • Fixed bug leading to unnecessary calls of curl parallel processing function.

As usual, let me know if you see any issues.

Next, either integrated unit testing (now that the syntactically pure pipe functions are done, unit testing should be quite enjoyable) -OR- using caching capabilities to parse HTML files, create AST’s and store optimized code for databinding pages (should lead to big performance payoff.) What would you like next?