Nephtali debugging features now documented

Although they’ve been around for a long time, I’ve done a poor job of documenting the debugging capabilities built in to Nephtali. Although very basic, the debugging features have helped me on many occasions, speeding the process of bug squashing. I sincerely apologize for the delay in providing proper documentation.

With the formal apology now issued, let’s move on to the update: I’ve now documented Nephtali’s debugging features in the examples section of the website.

The primary debugging feature is the debug display, a special page that can be triggered by adding the Get variable “nmode=debug” to any url when Nephtali has been set to “dev” mode in ncore.php. The debug display shows the Get, Post, Cookie, and Session variables; the ports and their corresponding values and validity; and watched variables, variables that have been manually added to the debug display.

Again, the debugging features are very simple, but don’t let the simplicity lull you into avoiding them. Nephtali is not a large, complex framework. Many times the bugs you’ve run up against are easily spotted in the debugging display.