Nephtali 3.2.2 brings better documentation

There’s a new release of Nephtali (3.2.2), and the emphasis on the release and the website of late has been on improving documentation.  Although there is still a long way to go, Nephtali is much better documented than it has ever been.  This is due to work on the docblocks in this release, and the development of the parser mentioned in the previous post.

There are other edits, including a couple bugs and the change from constants to strings for triggering the appropriate mode for databinding (“placeholder” or “form”.)

Additionally, you’ll see that theres a doc_generator directory in nlib that includes the parser used to generate the object model for the Nephtali API documentation.  This will likely be split off into a separate project in the future, but for now, we’ll just keep it with core Nephtali.

Please post any issues you find.