What’s new in the world of Nephtali?

Well, first and foremost, I had released version 3.2.0 back in September, and while the core files were all in place, I had neglected to include the setup.php file for those doing new installs (along with the license.)

Sorry 🙁

I hope those who tried to install Nephtali were able to figure it out without the setup.php file (Nephtali just needs to be setup up so ncore.php is auto_appended to PHP requests.)  For those who struggled through trying to install Nephtali, please accept my humble apology.

To rectify the situation, there’s a new release of Nephtali (3.2.1), which addresses those shortcomings, along with a couple bug fixes and a precautionary check for magic quotes, even though Nephtali requires PHP 5.3, which deprecates their use.

In terms of the site, more examples are included in the documentation, so I hope you’ll take time to check it out.